Chakka Varuthathu / Chakka Upperi / Jackfruit Chips

Chakka varuthathu or chakka upperi or jack fruit chips is a common snack recipe in Kerala. It is a seasonal fruit and commonly available in Kerala. So almost in every home it is prepared on the season. Chakka Upperi always gives a nostalgic feeling to all Malayali’s.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time:  15 – 30 Minutes

Servings: 5 – 10 Persons

Main Ingredients: Raw Jackfruit / Pacha Chakka

Cuisine: Kerala

Course / Category: Snacks

Tags: Snacks, Kerala Home Made



Raw Jack fruit / Pacha Chakka: 40 pieces

Coconut Oil / any oil: for deep frying

Salt: to taste


1. Cut the jack fruit with a sharp knife into pieces and remove the inner stem so that you can take chakka chulas. (Coconut oil can be applied to hand, knife to remove the sticky latex while preparing)

2. Remove the white strips from the chakka chulas (if any).

3. Remove the seeds (chakka kuru) from inside the chakka chula by cutting the flesh.

4. Cut each of these chakka chula to make medium sized strips.

5. Mix salt in small amount of water and keep aside.

6. Heat the coconut oil in a thick bottom pan.

7. When the oil become hot, drop the sliced jack fruit stripes into it.

8. Stir immediately to avoid sticking each other.

9. Allow it to fry (stir in between also for proper even frying)

10. When it become golden brown, sprinkle salt water into it (a hissing sound and bubbles will arise, so keep safety distance) and stir.

11. Immediately take it out and transfer it to a kitchen tissue to remove excess oil.

12. Your chakka upperi is ready and can be served hot or keep it in an air tight container after it became cool.


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